WCAML Forum 2022
May 4-6, 2022 | San Francisco, CA | Agenda (PDF)

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2022 Event Update!

West Coast AML Forum will host an in-person event at the Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel in San Francisco, CA, May 4-6. Registration opens at 9am PT on March 7, 2022. Additional details and event information can be found here.

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About the West Coast Anti-Money Laundering Forum

Over twenty years ago a small group of San Francisco-based bankers began meeting for lunch with local representatives from IRS Criminal Investigations to discuss Bank Secrecy Act-related issues and concerns. This was years before all the due diligence and investigative requirements were mandated by the USA PATRIOT Act and even before SAR reporting. Over the years these luncheons evolved into a nationally recognized annual conference where members of the financial industry and law enforcement come together with common goals – to gain a better understanding of the challenges we all face, receive updates on current topics and trends and more importantly, to forge a cooperative relationship.

The conference is planned and executed by a group of volunteers from a cross section of the financial industry and law enforcement. This group plans an agenda that covers current regulatory action and other emerging topics. They try to select a mix that appeals to the needs of both the financial industry and law enforcement. Among the most popular sessions are those where law enforcement representatives share stories of actual cases that resulted from SARs. The press is not invited to this conference so speakers and attendees can be candid in their remarks without fear of repercussion. Attendance is limited creating a relaxed and more intimate environment with lots of opportunity for networking. Because this conference is organized by volunteers and is not a profitable enterprise, attendance fees are always reasonable.